Art , history, and culture

Museums and castles in Val di Sole

Hidden treasures ready to be discovered

With its millennia of history, Val di Sole is a treasure chest filled with art and culture.
Mountain huts, elegant palaces, castles, churches, First World War forts and museums exhibiting real treasures, all ready to be discovered

Look at Val di Sole under a different light.

We suggest some of the most interesting places, starting in Malé, where our Hotel is located.

Take some time to discover the beautiful rooms and frescos of Caldes Castle, whose walls witnessed the love story of Olinda and court minstrel Arunte, for whom the young noblewoman died of a broken heart. Or you could walk through the ruins of the Castle of San Michele, in Ossana, an old medieval manor built on rock overlooking the valley.

Learn all there is to know about the incredibly organised world of bees and their fine, golden honey produced at MMApe, Mulino Museo dell’Ape (Bee Mill Museum), in Croviana. If you want to learn more about our community's traditions, way of life, and the challenges posed by the mountains, visit Malé’s Museum of the Val di Sole Civilization and the old Venetian sawmill, or the Ruatti Mill in Pracorno, in Val di Rabbi. Discover the art and science of measuring time, walking along the streets of Monclassico and Presson, where you can admire 55 beautiful artistic sun clocks.

If you are passionate about history, you will be fascinated by the First World War relics you will see when you visit Fort Strino, in Vermiglio, the fort built by the Austro-Hungarian army to protect the road between Vermiglio and Passo del Tonale, on the border with the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia; Galleria Paradiso del Tonale, a long cave dug into the granite rock, used by the solders as a temporary shelter from cold, blizzards and the enemy’s artillery; Museo della Guerra Bianca (White War Museum) in Vermiglio; or the Museo “Pejo 1914 – 1918 - La guerra sulla porta” (“Pejo 1914 – 1918 - The war on the doorstep” Museum), in Val di Pejo.

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